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Trouble shooting with your kitchen sink mono bloc mixer tap

Very often we receive phone calls from clients who are baffled as to an issue that have with their kitchen tap.

Depending on the tap, there can be various problems, but generally, these are very simple. The most common thing we here from our clients is that their plumber has told them the tap is faulty and needs to be replaced. This has never been the case in our situation!

Taps are actually, much simpler than many people believe, and with the correct parts, just about any tap can be fixed.

Kitchen sink monobloc mixer tap

Kitchen sink monobloc mixer tap

The above tap (the Quartel 7095 kitchen sink mono bloc) is one of our most popular and long running Kitchen taps. It is called a kitchen mono bloc as it only has one hole (mono). The tap works with ceramic disc quarter turn valves, one for hot and one for cold. As the name suggests, these only turn a quarter of a circle, unlike standard compression valves, which turn full circles.

The issues that arise with this style of tap are minimal, and are explored below:

My Kitchen tap leaked immediately after installation

In the case of your kitchen tap leaking immediately after installation, this is due to your pipes not being flushed before the tap was fitted. If your plumber/fitter fails to flush the pipes before fitting the tap, it can leave debris in the water which will scratch the ceramic discs. Failing to flush pipes before installation will invalidate any warranty on your tap.

All our taps are tested twice: once by air and once by water, in our assembly plant in Italy, to minimise the chances of our customers receiving a faulty item.

I am regularly replacing the Cold water valve

depending on where you live in the country will have an effect on the lifespan of your valves. Impurities in the water can damage your valves. We find that those in hard water areas- especially Surrey- find that they have to replace their valves more often.

I am regularly replacing the Hot water valve

Fortunately there is a more simple answer to this one: When you find you are regularly replacing your hot water valve, the reason for this is that your hot water is too hot! If the temperature of your water is too high, it will damage the valve.

My tap is leaking between the joint

If you find your tap is leaking between the joints, you will need to replace the o-rings. We can supply o-rings for your Moben/Tecnik/APC tap over the phone on 0161 929 5300


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