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Hot off the press: our forged Kitchen sink Monobloc taps


We just received these images from our factory in Northern Italy of our latest batch of Kitchen sink mono bloc mixer taps as they’ve just been made!

As you can see, they are still red hot from the forging. Our kitchen taps are made from solid brass, and premium chrome plating for long lasting durability. All of our taps are tested twice, once by air and once by water before they leave our factory, which means we almost never have a customer complain about quality.

As our taps are made in Europe, they all adhere to strict European rules regarding structure and content. Unlike many companies who buy their taps in from China, our taps contain no harmful or banned substances, which unfortunately, due to lax laws, many bought in from the far east do.

You can see from these images that this tap is solid forged brass, not tubular brass like many low quality options available on the market. We have many quality solid brass forged kitchens taps available at our online store.


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